Do you have a criminal case?

  • Are you charged in a multi-codefendant drug conspiracy case?
  • Are you accused of being involved in a drug trafficking organization?
  • Are you charged in an drug indictment to sell drugs?
  • Are you charged with possession or distribution of drugs?
  • Are you awaiting pending state or federal drug prosecution?


We Are Criminal Defense Investigators. We Investigate Cases For The Accused.

Investigation is the key to every criminal case. We at Narcotics Investigators for the Defense have the unique skills and techniques necessary to prepare every client to deal effectively with all federal or state narcotics prosecutions.


Most investigators need specialized knowledge and skills that relate to the type of work their agency performs. For example, IRS investigators are specialists in accounting practices and tax law, while criminal investigators for the Environmental Protection Agency specialize in environmental law and practices.


Narcotics Investigators and Defense Investigators are well versed in investigating federal and state drug offenses for the defense.


We can find most wanted criminals that the FBI has had difficulty locating, and use them to help us prepare your case. Narcotics Investigators for the Defense piece together the who, what, where, and why of each case we handle. We collect, examine, and interpret evidence on cases of every imaginable type and scope.


The government has their investigators investigating a range of cases that involve alleged violations of federal law. These are the criminal investigators who work as FBI agents, US Marshall deputies, IRS special agents, DEA agents, and postal inspectors, among others. They examine financial records to solve cases of white-collar crime, monitor court-ordered wiretaps of people suspected of breaking federal law, interview witnesses in cases of drug trafficking, and do undercover work.


The government has their investigators, and you need yours. Just as these federal investigators do, we, at Narcotics Investigators for the Defense do everything from checking airplanes to investigating the immigration status of non-citizens living in the United States.


However, our investigators often uncover the criminal background of cooperating government witnesses, and show that they have ulterior motives for testifying. When Narcotics Investigators for the Defense does a thorough investigation of government witnesses, we often help juries and judges to determine that the "story" each witness tells on the stand is less than credible and told in exchange for some kind of favor from the government.


Although the type of work our investigators do can differ markedly, investigators no matter where they work have much in common.


We at Narcotics Investigators for the Defense possess the strong research skills, drive and analytical ability to fit together the pieces of a puzzling case.


We use hard hitting teams of investigators that have an extensive working knowledge of human behavior and the criminal justice system. We bring the case home when we are called to testify in Court.